My dr appointment….

So I went in today they checked me for dilation I was only a finger tip. Good news! But the Dr could not find Ellie’s head at all lol. I knew she hadnt flipped… so we did a ultrasound to see where she was and her head is wedged in under my left ribs and her body is under my right side and her arms and legs are free to kick my bladder lol. So we now have to try to turn her next week. At 37 weeks. Good news my Dr thinks we have a 90% chance of it all working! Bad news she could flip back and we then start over. Also it could put me into labor or my water breaks or the worst my placenta detacing if that happens its a emergency c section! I will have to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring and I will have a epidural so that I can be more relaxed. The Dr said that helps!  Im a little worried now I really want Ellie to be ok during all this! Also molly and jon will have to be on stand by ready to go if need be or just come in town for it. Im glad I love and trust my Dr so much. She really thinks this will all work just fine! Ill update more when I know exact dates!

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