34 weeks

Everything has been going very well for the most part. I feel great! Ellie loves to move and play. (my favorite part!) My feet are definitely swelling now they look CRAZY lol. I’ve never been a normal pregnant woman so I never had this happen before lucky me I guess lol. My acid reflux seems to have passed I dont get it to bad now. We had a dr appointment last Thursday and I asked dr Sammons to check if Ellie was head down because she just felt odd to me her movements and everything. Well sure enough I was right she is transverse!!!! No wonder it feels so odd lol my kids were head down by 20 weeks. So we are holding out hope she flips head down before my next appointment. If not we then get to talk about trying to turn her… I’ve been told this is zero fun lol. Ill be hooked to monitor’s so they can make sure miss Ellie is ok when they try to do this. That makes me feel better I dont want her to be hurt in any way! If she dosnt move then its a c section. … uggggg I am really REALLY not wanting that lol. Part of it is so selfish and im just scared! Its the un known. I mean I know how to have contractions and push a baby out im very good at that! Plus thats my FAVORITE part! Also healing from a vaginal delivery I know all about that! Not a c section. I then feel instantly horrible for being such a baby for not wanting and complaining about a c section. I KNOW molly and any other intended mommy would give ANYTHING to do everything I have done and get to do. No matter how the baby gets here…  And if we have a c section only ONE person can be in the room! I have already told Molly I want it to be her. I find it very important for her to see her baby come into the world. Im also then crushed that Jon dosnt get the same experience its just not fair! So anyway I hope this is all just needless worrying and she flips all on her own and we all get to go back to the normal plan! But I know at the end of the day they get a baby and thats all that matters!    My mom thinks it looks like miss ellie has dropped!                        Your Baby

Your baby could be as tall as 20 inches right now and about five pounds. Need a visual? Hold a five-pound bag of flour in your arms and imagine it’s your soon-to-be-born baby (cradle it, and you’ll only get strange looks in the baking aisle). Then stack three such bags one on top of the other (and get ready for some more strange looks, maybe from the same clerks who saw you grinning and holding that one-pound box of sugar a few weeks ago). That’s how tall your baby is this week. Now go bake some oatmeal raisin cookies with all that flour!)

If your little doughboy is, well, a boy, then you’ll be pleased to know that this week his testicles are making their way down from his abdomen to his scrotum. (Some baby boys — three to four percent — are born with undescended testicles, but they usually make the trip down sometime before the first birthday.)

Your baby’s fingernails now reach the end of the fingertips and may even curl over the tip, making a manicure one of the first things you’ll need to do for your little bundle.


3 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. Why don’t you try going for a few sessions of acupuncture to turn her? I’ve heard of women having good results with that. If you think it’s something you would consider then I suggest you contact an acupuncturist ASAP as I think they have to do it before a certain stage in pregnancy (I can’t remember when that is).

    We had a c-section with our birth and there were 3 of us (myself, hubby and birth photographer) in the theatre. We got permission from the obstetrician and then took that to the hospital who then also approved it. It did take a long, sob email to the hospital but I think they took pity on us and eventually said yes. I would definitely say that you/Molly should push for all of you to be present. It’s just as important for the dad to be there. It’s such an amazing, miraculous time to witness your baby being born, they will both love it.

    Your bump is looking fab!


    • Im going back to the dr next week if she hasn’t flipped ill ask her again if there is anyway we can all be in the room! I think its a must also! Im aslo trying the spinning babies! But sadly where I live no one really does the acupuncture I’ve looked into it…


  2. When I was pregnant with the twins, our boy (presenting twin) was footling breech and his sister was transverse across his shoulders!
    My chiropractor did some incredibly light manipulation called the Webster Technique. The basis behind it is that the uterus is a little misaligned, and bringing it back into alignment will hopefully make the bubs find head down to be the most comfortable position.
    She only needed to do it once. A couple of hours later my stomach warped and moved like I had never seen it before and bang- both bubbas head down and I was able to have a vaginal birth!


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