A little in between news!!!

Well my dr office called and turns out im anemic. .. guess thats why I LOVE ice lol. Thats also why I have been sooo tired and just feeling crappy lol. I will now take iron pills twice a day! My suger test came back good but a little on the high side so they said I just habe to not eat tons of suger lol. And they will also be doing a follow up ultrasound to check my placenta one more time before birth! Lets all pray it just moves on up and out of the way lol!!!

2 thoughts on “A little in between news!!!

  1. Hopefully the meds will make you feel a little better.
    The good news is that “just ice” doesn’t have sugar in it, lol!
    Still have everything crossed that your placenta likes the look of higher altitude real estate!


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