Now on patches…


So now I droped down to only 5 units of lupron and I’m on two estrogen patches every other day but ill soon be doing three and then four! With the pio shots! As of today we only have TWO WEEKS untill transfer!!! Its odd for me to think this time I can know the exact moment I get pregnant!  I have already been praying A LOT that it works first try. I know there are no garentees with ivf but I just know I will feel awful if It dosnt work! I’m very lucky knowing that molly and jon want to try untill they get a baby so that makes me feel better! But I really have to say I have very high hopes I really think this will work!!! So just keep praying for us and ill update soon! There’s my belly bruise lol

2 thoughts on “Now on patches…

  1. Woohoo! only 2 more weeks lady!! I have faith you will be knocked up the first time! I did! 🙂 It is kinda cool knowing the “exact” day you get pregnant, but I can tell you it makes it a “very, very” long 40 weeks! I’m 25.5 weeks but feel as though I should be well over 30! 😦 Good Luck!!! I’ll be praying for you! ouchy on that injection site!


    • Thanks so much alvina I’m trusting that God knows what’s best but of course I hope he decides to go with me on the first try thing lol. Two weeks just seems so close already! I’m so glad to be at this point! My mom jokes that I found out the second I got pregnant both times anyway! I am a crazy woman I love being pregnant so much that I cry when its almost over I wqnt to keep the baby in there forever lol.


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