For everyone asking!

I’ve gotten so many messages, calls and texts. I appreciate each and every one. It’s so nice to know so many people care about baby, me and the parents! So the update is we are STILL PREGNANT. 😂 I seriously can’t believe I am just walking around half way done laboring! Heck who knows now I may be more then half way because I haven’t been checked since Sunday morning before I left the hospital. Karen and Roger are not leaving they are staying until baby girl comes. Basically they get a St. Louis vacation before she makes her grand entrance.

On Monday morning I messaged Shirley on Facebook. She works at my drs office. Perks of knowing someone! I had tried to call the regular hotline number to see if I could get an appointment with Dr Sammons but the lady told me no. I said I really don’t need a whole appointment time even. I really just wanted to check and make sure she was at least still head down. That’s literally the only thing I cared about. So I said can anyone see me to check via ultrasound anyone. She was like nope sorry you are out of luck. 😂 So thankfully Shirley made magic happen for us and got us in at 10:30. I had also texted Dr. Sammons have I mentioned how much I love her as my OB. Seriously how many people get their cell phone number! I’m a lucky lady. I told her what had happened over the weekend and everything they told me. She said let me work on this I’ll come up with a plan.

I was just so nervous something crazy would happen like my water breaks or something and if she had flipped again we could be in trouble. Especially since it’s my 7th delivery and I was progressed so far already. I said I don’t want an arm falling out or birthing in the car! Wouldn’t that a a crazy birth story. So we all got to the drs office and Dr. Sammons was all ready to go with a plan. Because of the fact that I am already so progressed and that the baby has been known to flip so much her and MFM (maternal fetal medicine) decided it would be a good idea to induce us at 37 weeks. That will be Thursday. They also did the ultrasound and thankfully she is still head down!!! Praise Jesus I was so happy and relieved to hear that. That’s all I needed to know to feel better about our situation. So Unless she tries to come before that Thursday will be the day. She really likes to keep us on our toes though so who knows. We all feel pretty comfortable with that plan. We just want a happy healthy baby and a healthy delivery for me.

So honestly now that we have an official plan she has been so good and I haven’t really been having any contractions. Definitely not like I was. Part of me thinks she’s definitely waiting for Thursday now. I’m ok with that. Honestly I wish she would have stayed put for even longer but her safe delivery is our top priority at this point. Since Karen and Roger are in town we are just visiting and trying to pass the time. We went out to a delicious dinner at a new restaurant we hadn’t even been too. 801 chop house it was so yummy and I ate WAY too much. I already want to go back! The steak was delicious and so were all the sides. So if you haven’t been you should go! Today Karen and I went for manicures and pedicures because clearly that’s important before she arrives. I’m hoping since my feet and toes look so good that is all anyone will be looking at during delivery! 😂 😆

So that’s the plan for now. Let’s see when little miss decides to make entrance. We are all excited and ready whenever she is. Thanks again for all the support and well wishes.

Time to relax
We even ordered yummy drinks.

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