35 weeks today and I was checked!

Little Miss is still moving like crazy and I love it. Yesterday our scans went great. During my non stress test they could see some contractions I was having. I had like 5 when I was there. So I made sure to drink extra water! I had dinner plans with some friends so I didn’t want to miss it. My blood sugars are all still looking good. It’s not so bad and the meals really help me since it takes all the guess work out of things. I was still having some contractions at dinner and even over night but nothing I couldn’t sleep through so I figured I am fine. Plus I knew I was seeing Dr Sammons today.

So at my apartment she went ahead and checked me since it’s my 7th pregnancy and I have been contacting. If I am being honest I didn’t really expect much. I just had it in my head that I probably wasn’t really progressing since I haven’t been working etc. Well I was wrong! We are 3cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! The 3cm is not really impressive to me because I know you can be like this for weeks especially since I’ve had so many babies. My body just kind of knows what to do I guess. But the 50% effaced on the other hand makes me think when I do start laboring I am probably going to go pretty quickly. I just hope Karen and Roger make it in time.

When the Dr was checking me she was like oh no… She says I don’t feel her head. I was like this seems impossible she’s been head down like the last two months! We know because we have so many darn ultrasounds each week. Literally yesterday at 4:00 pm she was head down. So she does a quick ultrasound and guess who has now decided to move to transverse. Yep baby Mac was like I like this spot now I guess. 😂 She really does like to keep us on our toes. So I have an appointment set for next week for acupuncture on Monday. It’s a good thing I am not working with all these appointments I have going on. It’s really crazy. I am hoping between acupuncture and some crazy spinning babies moves I can get her to go back to head down. Worst case scenario we will manually flip her like we have done before but we won’t even attempt it until I am in the hospital in active labor because we know she will likely try to flip right back.

Because she’s so active and clearly can move easily it makes me feel better about her weight estimate. If she really was extra big I feel like it would be much harder for her to more so freely. Also because I am crazy and curious I looked at my old blog posts to see how dilated I was with the others at this point and with the boys at 37 weeks I was only 1 1/2 cm with Greenleaf and 2cm with Oliver! I didn’t mention effaced so I am guessing I wasn’t or she didn’t tell me. So for only being 35 weeks I am definitely ahead of the game now. It makes me feel even better about our decision to not work. So I guess we are officially on baby watch! I’ve still been having off and on contractions today too but nothing that I can really time or hurts to bad. Oh also my blood pressure has been perfect still and I have literally zero swelling!!! It’s been so nice. Swelling really sucks so I am going to be so happy if I can avoid that all together. Also because of my healthy diet I weigh basically the same as I did when I got pregnant. 😂 Now if I could only figure out how to lose. Bit of weight after she’s born. I need to hold myself accountable and not eat all the sugar and sweets. All I want is a big donut right now though…..

As always thanks for all the prayers and well wishes we appreciate them all. Let’s see what little Miss is up to this week.

How’s Baby Mac?

Many babies are now rotating from the breech position (head up) to turn head down into your pelvis. As they move into their birth position, Baby Mac will then drop lower in your pelvis. If this is your first pregnancy, this may happen soon, even weeks before you give birth, though in later pregnancies it often doesn’t happen until just before labor or even after labor begins.

At between 18 or 19 (45.7-48.3 cm) inches and 5-6 lbs (2.25-2.7 kg), the size of a bunch of carrots, Baby Mac is getting close to the size they’re going to be at birth! And most of Baby Mac’s organ and skeleton development is complete, although they’re still refining their abilities every day. Really, most of the work Baby Mac has left to do is just growing bigger and stronger. In particular, Baby Mac’s lovely lungs need a bit more time to prepare for the outside world.

What’s new with you?

Are you feeling ready to have Baby Mac in your home and your life? Even if emotionally that question might be hard to answer, make sure you’ve done what you need to do to prepare for your little one’s arrival from a practical perspective, like getting your little one’s sleeping space set up; getting some diapers, clothes, and any other basics; and looking into any necessary insurance changes you may want to make.

As you approach the end of pregnancy, you might notice that you’re squirting out a few drops of urine when you cough or sneeze, but Kegel exercises can help with this. You may be noticing an increase in vaginal discharge too. So if you need some extra protection in your underwear, pads can provide you with some extra assurance. And soon your Braxton Hicks contractions may start to happen more frequently, last longer, and be more uncomfortable. Again, this is a normal part of your uterus preparing for birth, and Baby Mac will be here before you know it!

Big belly 🥰
Happy 35 weeks
What a wiggle worm!

3 thoughts on “35 weeks today and I was checked!

  1. You’re almost done! Your pregnancy seems to have gone so fast. I had my second transfer last week and it failed again 😦 Now in the waiting period again for periods and to see what the doctor suggests to my IPs.


    • Oh I’m so sorry you had another fail. I know just how emotionally devastating it is. Remember my motto into the third transfer was transfer three is meant to be! I say you steal that because it brought me good luck. Hopefully they have a plan for moving forward. Just know you are doing everything you can and sometimes transfers just don’t work. I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear at this point though. I’m assuming the embryos were tested? Do you know the grades?
      I feel like it was a long hard battle for us to get here but now that we are I feel like it’s going to be over so fast! I’m just going to soak up every last little bit of joy from these last few days or weeks that I get.

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