Afternoon testing and evening! 😂

Ok so yes I know I have a problem! It’s just so hard not to test every time I pee! So as you all saw this morning’s test was not ideal. I was pretty bummed about it. I know it’s still super early and we have time but we all know I have zero patience. God is always testing me on this and I HATE it! I just want strong dark pregnancy lines already. So I decided to not drink anything or pee from 7:45 till about 12:15 for an afternoon test!

I also decided to try a different brand since I had others. So basically at 12:15 I couldn’t hold it anymore and basically peed all over myself trying to get it on the stick. Gross but true. The good news is my plan seemed to work! I got a good but still faint line by the 3 minute mark. I even took it to work to let it dry some so I could still check it.

So as you can see it’s faint but there and like a million times better then this morning’s. So I decided tonight to take the same kind of test. Obviously I was having good luck with them. So I rushed home for meds and pregnancy tests. Tonight’s test was also a crappy one… 😫😞😫 I have basically decided that my dumb dinner decision last night had negatively impacted my HCG levels.

I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. So we ate pen station and I always get the super greasy salty delicious Italian sub! Plus fries! It’s so so good I could eat another right now. 🤤 Well because it’s so greasy and salty I drank a TON of water last night. I just couldn’t quench my thirst so then this morning my test sucked because I was too hydrated! So this afternoons test I hadn’t drank anything since the night before plus saved my pee! So it was a good test.

Then what did I do??? Well I ate my last half of my sandwich for lunch and drank at work…. So therefore tonight’s test wasn’t as great either. So I’m not drinking anything else all night. I’m going to try my best to save my pee until after my dentist appointment tomorrow morning for my next test. let’s see if this makes an actual difference.

These are in order from top to bottom. Top is oldest bottom is newest.
Tonight’s test.

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